Hurricane Ike aims at Texas

Hurricane Ikecontinues its path over the Gulf of Mexico targeting landfall in Texas very near the U.S. offshore oil patch. Yesterday Ike toppled decrepit buildings in Cuba’s capital and ripped through the carribean island.

Ike, now a Category 1 storm with winds up to 85 mph has left a long trail of destruction across the Caribbean and has energy companies very worried that it could do the same to their Gulf oil rigs. Many companies evacutaed rig workers and closed production completely.

Forecasters said Ike would increase it’s power in the Gulf’s warm waters and become a major hurricane again, possibly up to a Category 3 on the five-step hurricane intensity scale with minimum wind speeds of of 115 miles per hour

Latest projections however suggest Ike will head toward the mid-point of the Texas coast, skirting to the west of the main offshore production region in the Gulf, which provides almost 25%  of U.S. oil and 15% of its natural gas.

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