Is the US fed schizophrenic or hypocritical?

“We won’t save Lehman, but we will save Fannie, Freddie and AIG”
……..that is effectively the official line from the US Federal Reserve.

This leaves so many questions:

1. Why is Lehman so far the only one they have allowed to fall on their own sword?

2. What did Lehman do to deserve complete abandonment by what has otherwise proven a very charitable Fed?

3. Why does the Fed adopt a left wing  nationalization policy one weekend, a right wing free market policy the next weekend and then swing back to the left and bail out AIG 2 days later?

4. What stance will they take when Morgan Stanley call for cash?

5. Did Lehman not donate enough to the Republicans?

Is this to be another day of turmoil?…
like Monday…

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