Ireland government recall all pork products. Bacon, ham, suasage, black pudding

The Irish government has tionight issued an emergency recall of all pork products.

The recall covers all pigmeat products produced from Irish pork. They have also issued a warning to consumers to dispose of any pork products that they may have in their homes.

They have also issued an interbational warning not to consume Irish-produced pork products because they could contain dangerous levels of dioxins.

Ireland’s farms produce more than 3 million pigs a year with about half of the meat being exported.

The recall and destruction warning are precautionary to eliminate any contaminated prouct from the food chain. The source of the contamination has been isolated to one pig-feed producer and 11 farms all of which have been isolated. Sources say that pork guaranteed to be contaminant free will be back on shelves by Tuesday.

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