Ireland Government to agree to official strike days

In an unprecedented move the Government of Ireland has agreed that every government employee will be entitled to 12 official strike days in 2010.

Faced with the prospect of widespread all-out strikes across the public service, the government has agreed that every worker will be entitled to 12 strike days next year. This will avoid situations where all workers will ‘down tools’ at the same time. Government sponsored strikes are a new departure and will reduce the government’s  pay bill temporarily by approximately 5%. However, the pay bill will be reinstated in full in 2011 unless there are further official strike days sponsored by government.

Political opponents have described the move as ‘bottling it’ by the government who had promised reform that would bring public sector pay under control. These official government sponsored strike strike days will cause widespread disruption to the operation of services such as schools and hospitals while not reducing the underlying pay bill by one penny.

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