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Obama’s Nuclear Plans suffer setbacks

US Preseident, Barack Obama’s hopes of reshaping US foreign policy stand on the brink of failure tonight, after two of his most cherished initiatives, nuclear disarmament and better relations with Moscow, suffered major setbacks. According to a leaked NATO document … Continue reading

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The Irish want to pay more tax?

As the Irish economy follows the USA into a double dip recession, it appears from a new poll released today that the Irish population will choose higher taxes over control of public spending when the next national election takes place … Continue reading

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Irish Company changes Scottish soccer sponsorship strategy

Tennents Lager, owned by Irish Company C&C Group PLC, has announced that it is to end its 36 year relationship with the Scottish Football Association (SFA) the governing body for Soccer in Scotland. Instead the Irish company has announced that … Continue reading

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China tells Obama not to meet Dalai Lama

China this morning warned USA President, Barack Obama, that his plan to meet the Dalai Lama would further erode relations between the USA & China. The White House confirmed yesterday that President Obama would meet the exiled Tibetan leader. The … Continue reading

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Ireland Government to agree to official strike days

In an unprecedented move the Government of Ireland has agreed that every government employee will be entitled to 12 official strike days in 2010. Faced with the prospect of widespread all-out strikes across the public service, the government has agreed … Continue reading

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver dies

Sister of  Democrat Senators, Attorney General and President of the USA and Mother in law of a Republican Governor, Eunice Kennedy Shriver has passed  in a Cape Cod hospital at the age of 88. Shriver will be best known in … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton negotiates freedom for Journalists in North Korea

Former US President, Bill Clinton, has left North Korea with 2 journalists from the USA, having negotiated their release from their 4 month custody in the communist state. While teh White House is denying that any “rewards” were offered to … Continue reading

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